Han Dynasty Tripod Mortuary Vessel

AGE: – Han dynasty 220 – 280 AD
HEIGHT: – 32cm
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Han Dynasty Tripod Mortuary Vessel commonly known as “Mingqi” with a thin waist separating the top from the bottom. The top section is decorated with white, blue and rose-coloured swirling motifs and a white geometric pattern with red dots on the top of the lower part.

The Han dynasty was considered the golden age in Chinese history. It was divided into two main periods, the Western Han 206BCE-9CE) and Eastern Han 25-220CE.
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Han Dynasty Tripod Mortuary Vessel
Han Dynasty Tripod Mortuary Vessel
Chinese Han Dynasty Earthenware Tripos vessel
Bottom Section Chinese Han Dynasty Painted Tripod Vessel
Geometric Design on Han Dynasty Mortuary Vessel
Inside view Chinese Han Dynasty Earthenware tripod Vessel
Tripod legs on Han Dynasty Vessel
Scroling pattern on Han Dynasty Funerary Vessel
Base view Chinese Han Dynasty Painted Earthenware Vessel
Close view Leg Foot Han Dynasty Mingqi Vessel
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